K.I.P Workshops

Given the economic state of America, and the uncertainty of the direction it will take, we must maximize our time and investments.  This Series of workshops will motivate, educate and elevate participants on taking care of the World's Greatest Creation-The Human Body.  With this wise investment of your time and acknowledging self-love, you will yield a incredibly huge return.
Workshops will be held at John Hall Studios 310 S. Racine, 8th floor, Chicago, IL 60607 on Saturday's at 12pm.  

Sessions will start promptly and last about 45 minutes.  Be prepared to remove your shoes (very clean environment, so sock are good) and silence your cell phones. 

Physical participation is not necessary.  25 adults max in each class to ensure personal attention.  Workshops are free per sponsorship, contact us to be a sponsor.  Students under 18 must be accompanied by parent/guardian.  Excellent way for friends and families to spend time together. 

Set up a 'SHAPE IT UP PARTY' for your private group and learn how to get $100 off the $125 cost of party. Contact me for more details.


For RSVP and QUESTIONS email us at workshop@SimpleAndGoodEnterprise.com or TEXT US at 708-445-9693. 

 Scheduled Topics:

  May 26th - Good Health, does it equal Weight Loss?  (free body fat analysis)

  • Is all weight loss good weight loss?
  • How do you speed up weight loss?
  • What are the real ingredients needed to lose unwanted pounds and become healthier?
  • Do you need to lose weight to be healthy?
  • How does weight effect your health?

June 23rd - Exercise, are all routines effective? 

  • Where should you start?
  • What is type of exercise is best?
  • What goals should be set?
  • How often? How long?
  • What exercise machines or equipment to use?
  • Do Yoga, Pilates, Running, Walking or any other class help?
  • What should your routine consist of?

  July 21st- Muscle and Joint Aches, how to eliminate?

  • Where does the discomfort come from?
  • What to do for knee, shoulder and back pain?
  • What therapies work to eliminate pains?
  • How can I regain flexibility?
  • What exercises can be performed for my pains?
  • How will these aches effect the body as it matures?

  September 29th - Release & Replenish Program

  • Why should everyone cleanse?
  • What are the benefits of cleansing?
  • What is educational about the program?
  • When should a person cleanse?
  • What should be expected after the cleanse?


Many more of your questions will be addressed within the open forum.  I will make sure that we stay on the topic that is designated for that weekend.  If you have any topics of concern that you feel I should address, please don't hesitate to inform me of such concerns prior to workshops.  

If you want the workshop to come to you and your group/friends send me your information via email: workshop@SimpleAndGoodEnterprise.com


Knowledge is power but accurate knowledge is REVOLUTIONARY. - Sherwood G.