Tonya Denise W.

 I was just telling a few friends over here in Japan that you were the absolute best personal trainer that I have had yet. True indeed!  While you worked my nerves at times, LOL!   I knew it was your way of pushing and encouraging me to push myself to the limit, which BTW before working out with you I had not done before.  Mia and I both still talk about our training time with you and look at those old pictures of us and go, wow!  I have never been that tight and toned since, but I am taking what I learned from you and working on it - trying to get back there, or close to it at least.   If I were back in Chicago, I would certainly sign up with you again.   Please let me know if you'd like to use me as a reference.  I would be happy to.  You can give my email address if you need.